Upcycling Heros on Youtube

Want to give upcycling and diy a shot? Check these out

3/29/20211 min read

There's plenty of stuff that we end up having to throw away -  because it maybe broken, old, not used anymore or for whatever reason. But a lot of us would love to upcycle things ourselves and don’t know where to start or we’re afraid of messing it up. We all know that YouTube is a great place to go for some instruction, so check out some of these awesome YouTube Channels that strongly focus on Upcycling and DIY projects.

The following 10 Channels are in no particular order - but they’re our favorites!

I Restore Stuff - Upcycled Furniture & Decor - YouTube 

coolirpa - YouTube - Re-fashion Old Clothes

BlueprintDIY - YouTube - Re-making Clothes

KTB Creates - YouTube - Trash to Treasure DIY

XO, MaCenna - YouTube - Upcycled DIY Home Decor

Christina Muscari - YouTube - Pretty Distressed - Furniture Makeovers

Thrift Diving - YouTube - Upcycling & DIY

Katie Scott SALVAGED by k. scott - YouTube - Restyled Furniture

That Shabby Guy - YouTube - Furniture Upcycling

Madebyraphael - YouTube - Amazing Furniture Makeovers

Let us know if there’s a channel you enjoy watching and that we should add to our list!