How to Sell Unwanted Items on Facebook Marketplace

Easy Guide to Selling Your First Item

3/30/20212 min read

How to Sell Unwanted Items on Facebook Marketplace

If you are decluttering you might find that you own a lot of useful items that you don't need. Most people solve this dilemma by holding yard sales which can draw people from all over town because people love a good bargain. But in today's age where restrictions on large gatherings are rampant, what's the next best thing?

Read on to know how you can sell unwanted household items on Facebook Marketplace instead of throwing them out in the trash.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is the selling platform on Facebook that allows users to sell items directly from the site. This makes it easy for people to sell items especially if they want to sell items to their circle of friends and acquaintances on Facebook. The feature also comes with different filters so that buyers can search items by Category, Location, or Price.

Marketplace has gained a huge following since it started particularly because it takes advantage of Facebook's massive user base and data pool. A simple search can generate leads for products for sale or items that people are looking for, making it easier for buyers and sellers to find each other.

How to Sell Your Stuff on Facebook Marketplace

Go to your NEWSFEED and click on MARKETPLACE on the left menu.

Click on CREATE NEW LISTING and then click on ITEM FOR SALE

Click on ADD PHOTOS to add photos of the item you want to sell.

Type in a description for the product and other information about the item you're selling.

Click NEXT


That's it! It is that easy to start selling on Facebook Marketplace!

Marketplace Tips and Tricks: How to Maximize Your Marketplace Experience

Selling on the platform is relatively easy but there are still so many tweaks you can do to make sure every item you list gets sold. For one, it is important to be detailed. Give an accurate assessment of the product as to aesthetics and functionality, and pair this with good photos of the item taken in good light. Include all sides and zoom in to get the details if you think this is something buyers would be looking for. Remember to include a photo of any damage - Don't hide the damage.

Also, set clear categories so you can land ideal buyers. For example, you can emphasize that you only do pickups to narrow down the list of interested buyers who are able to do this. This can be helpful especially if you are getting rid of large items like a table, dresser, or couch.

It is also important to be clear about the price. Many buyers filter searches according to price ranges so this is one area where you can get potential buyers willing to pay for the price you are asking for.

Why Use Marketplace?

If you have unused or unwanted items that are just gathering dust in your house, posting them on Marketplace will get them sold fast. The most popular items that get sold on the platform include old or unused electronics like Wiis or TVs. Items of small value like tabletop decor or books, kids' stuff, and other items that you would otherwise throw out in the trash also sell quickly on the platform.

Bulky and breakable items are also popular.

You can easily convert unwanted and unused items in your house into useful cash. List your items on Marketplace using the tips above and take advantage of this free selling platform to earn some extra cash while decluttering your home.