Landfills Are Getting Full (Cover-Up of The Century)

What Can We Do to Help?

3/29/20212 min read

Landfills Are Getting Full (Cover-Up Of The Century)

The cat is out of the bag - we are losing the race against waste and our landfills are getting full to over the brim. In 2019, a story broke out that China's largest landfill is already full - 25 years ahead of schedule.

And China's not alone, as landfills in the US are under a lot of pressure mainly because we are number one in per-capita waste, creating 12% of the world’s trash despite only accounting for 4% of the world's population.

Because China is now trying to clean-up its country and its environment, they stopped the import of recycled materials which subsequently caused major ripple effects all over the world, including the US. As Americans finally started to recycle at least some of the waste material, the ban from China caused much of it to go to landfills, or even worse - being burned.

Landfills and burning waste release many toxic chemicals into the air, ground, and water that come back to haunt us via our drinking water, but also greenhouse gases that warm the earth and pollute the planet for future generations.

So, what can be done?

Think Before You Buy

In a country where shopping malls outnumber high schools, modesty is not our first choice in life. But, the easiest way to reduce waste is to not buy (some) things in the first place. You don't have to practice minimalism to do it, but being a conscious buyer and thinking twice before buying another pair of shoes (that you don't need) or a new model of iPhone every year, will help the environment (and your wallet) in many ways.


It's more important than ever for our country to have a robust and reliable recycling system that will reclaim plastic, paper, glass, but also, appliances, and batteries. It's easier than ever to find a local company that will recycle your waste despite the fact what governments are or aren't doing.

China may have closed its borders to the world's trash but there are still local heroes that do the work that no one else wants to do. It is only through the passion of these people and companies that the figures aren't even worse.

Upcycle or Reuse

Upcycling revolution is here as more and more people refuse to use the stuff for one use only. There are really no limits to what our imagination can create without any previous skills needed.

Old and often unwanted materials like furniture can be upcycled and given a new life. Upcycling has shown a significant increase across the United States but also the world, where the people of both the so-called third-world countries and the first-world countries are participating.


Although it sometimes doesn't feel like it, donating your previously loved or still unused things or even food is easier than ever, as many grassroots organizations make it super-convenient to donate.

Some companies even offer low-priced junk removals to help you declutter your home and recycle, upcycle, and yes, donate your unwanted stuff to people that will appreciate it